Friday, January 8, 2010

Furniture Factory - Part 1

The future of this farm, which is part of a successful land-claim, is investigated and a group framework set up. Within this framework, which proposes a 
development at a future time, a furniture factory is designed. This factory is made of steel trusses, salvaged from the neighbouring mine's buildings after 
it closes down, and bamboo, which will be grown on site. Bamboo also serves as the material used for the furniture. Waste is transferred to the disused 
mine tunnels, where a mushroom farm will be established. The design of the factory is based on the principle of questioning architecture. Typical 
elements, e.g. trusses and functional layouts, are rethought and used in new ways - a roof truss becomes a column; offices are located within the storage 
area. A bold monument to architecture is created.

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